Thursday, December 23, 2010

When Will I Sleep ?????

So, this makes day 2 of my wonderful sleepless adventure! It started Tuesday night ... I tossed and turned, and got up every 2 hours literally to go pee...Then last night I even took a shower.... I took my usual.. My lamictal, my folic acid, my benedryl... Still nothing.... I am so tired!!! I layed in bed all day today trying to fall asleep and still nothing!!! I called my Dr. ( the physc) and left a message for him.. He finally call's me back and tells me that he wants me to increase my benedryl up to 100 mg, and take 2mg of halidol with it... It  that doesn't work to go up to 4 mg.... If I still haven't slept by Monday to call him back..... *sighs* I am so tired! My body is so tired.... But I can't sleep... I don't know what's wrong...I am just so tired and all I want is sleep!!!! I wish that my husband could understand.. he thinks its really no big deal, but me going without sleep is not good for the baby and he's already starting to feel the affects of it.... He's not moving as much as he normally does... Benedryl is safe during pregnancy, and walking is out of the question when there's snow on the ground and I can barely walk anyway due to the fact that my hips and my back are fucked!!! *sighs* I just want some peaceful sleep and I can't seem to get that! Not to mention the kids are officially on Christmas Break!!! Yea!!

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  1. i think you have to much stress in your life why dont you try to lay down when your hubby is there maybe it would work i personally think that the reason the baby isnt moving that much is cause of the fact that benedryl i goes into the blood and in turn goes to the baby try to go on a walk or something to make your body tired then lay down