Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! My children started  waking at 5 AM this morning for the big event! Romero, not wanting to wait for everyone else.... I did finally get a little bit of sleep, but it's funny because my body doesn't really feel that "well rested".... Maybe I can actually go to sleep tonight and get more.... 3 day's with no sleep is alot on your body.... The kids enjoyed their presents. Cobra got what he really wanted for Christmas, that was a WWE wrestling ring with wrestlers.... Romero got alot of stuff, but is a little disappointed he didn't get the "Big Foot" he wanted.... All in all it's been a pretty quiet day so far... Shelby got a bunch of makeup, princess tea set, a baby doll, barbies.... She's been playing quietly in her room all by herself, and the boy's are sitting here wrestling.... We had an early dinner/lunch and me and Rick are tired.... I got some really comfy fuzzy socks from Romero along with a pair of fuzzy warm gloves, Shelby got me an indoor thermometer with hummingbirds on it, and Cobra got me a beautiful Butterfly calander! I got my Christmas present from Rick early this year and that was my wedding ring set  and he also got me a pair of slippers because my feet have been so cold lately.... I feel bad because I didn't get Rick anything, but told him it would be  a few days for his gift..... :( Wish I could have gotten him what I really wanted too..... In a few day's I will though.. Besides the never ending mess in my kitchen, and the urge to pee more often than I'd like, I'm actually not in that bad of a mood.... Just tired and hurting......  Well, Merry christmas everyone! 

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