Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Living in a Country that is falling apart!

I have quickly become a fan of the show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and I have quickly come to the realization that everything he's said actually makes sense...I mean... Come on.. Last week's episode was totally an eye opener... It was about 911.... How there is evidence that a plane NEVER hit the pentagon! A woman was an eye witness.... She said it sounded like a bomb going off, and she literally got up and walked out of the hole that it created and she doesn't remember seeing a plane... None of the news footage that was released show's any signs of a plane.... The plane was going way too fast to even hit the building.. There are just too many holes in the government and FBI's story of what really happened. They claimed they NEVER found the 4 black boxes of those plains, but yet there are several people who have seen them..... What really get's me is living in a country where the government is trying kill it's people..... The land of the free and the home of the brave my ass! I mean really wtf! Seriously, everything that he bring's to the table every week does make a lot of sense... It just really makes me sick to think that I'm bringing my children up in a world that is trying to slowly kill us all off.... I wish I could win the lottery and move somewhere like Canada.... Your health insurance is paid for, your car insurance, you can leave your front door open and unlocked at night and you don't have to worry at night about someone coming into your house... Your not living in a world where it's falling apart!!! It's depressing! No matter how much you try and get ahead in this world, that fucked up wanna be president just fucks you over even more! I mean seriously, this new health bill/law he's trying to get passed.. Yea it may benefit some, but what about the one's that he's trying to fuck over ? He's trying to get rid of medicaid and medicare all together just to get another fucking buck in his pocket and the pockets of those money hungry insurance theives! I mean seriously! He wants  to punish and fine those that don't have health insurance! What about those people who are disabled and who can't work ? That have to be on medicaid in order to get their health concerns addressed and taken care of ? Your going to fuck them over by telling them they just have to suffer ? I mean seriously! That's stupid! This country made the biggest mistake of their lives when they elected that no good islam bastard into office! he's done nothing but make things worse for us in this country and I hope they don't pass his healthcare reform! It's stupid!!! And alot of people are going to die because of it!!!! ****GRRRRRR***** I fucking  hate the governement, and everyone in it! They're doing nothing for us! I bet our 4 father's are turning over in their graves!!!! They didn't create this country and the government for it to turn out like this!!!!

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