Sunday, January 9, 2011


Ok so get this fucking shit...Apparently, ( and I just found this out the other day) my sister in law's stupid ass alcoholic boyfriend decided before Christmas that he was leaving her for his ex.. Mind you this is NOT the first time he's done this.... Now, I don't really give 2 shits what his problem is or why he keeps doing this but the only way that I really care about it is because everytime he does this it fucks with Shelby really badly because she's attatched to him and call's him "Uncle Billy"..... Anyway apparently his ugly ex man lady person sent him a card before Christmas saying she was coming back and for him..... So he decided that he was leaving.... So the other day he left! Well, I had some shit going on with Shelby and I called to tell her how it was going and this bitch is so self absorbed and cares nothing at all about anyone but herself that she had the nerve to tell me "I can't talk right now, I don't wanna talk right now".. So I said Whatever and hung up on her.... She tried calling me back and I ignored her call! Fuck her! If she's too self absorbed and cares about nothing more than her fucking stupid ass alcoholic boyfriend leaving her than she does her own REAL FAMILY then fuck her ass! So Jasmine ( my niece) made a comment on Facebook about how could he leave her mom for an ugly man lady... Well Rick made a comment being himself and she replied "Thanks real fucking nice that my own family gives a fuck about me" or some shit like that... So I replied back and told her "Yea well I can say the same thing for you! You would rather give 2 shits about his dumb fucking ass than your own neice and newphews" .... So she fires off at the fucking mouth tonight. Calling me a whore, and a bad mother and all this other shit..... Fact of the matter is, I'm not the one who sits on their lazy fat ass and expects for everyone to do feel sorry for me! All she does is cry and whine and pitch a big ol' fit like a fucking baby when she can't get what she wants! For God's sake she uses my poor mother in law for her personal ATM ALL THE TIME and bitches at my poor mother in law for not having money there avaialble for her!!!! I mean granted Rick and I owe his parent's money, but at least we make an effort to pay it back unlike her!
 I told her to go fuck herself! I mean fuck her! When I was 18 weeks pregnant and in the hospital I almost went into labor with the baby she didn't even have the nerve to call me or come see me! I had to call her! When I did call her all she could complain about was how  she was bleeding excessively and didn't want to go to the hospital because she knew they would admit her.. Well.. NOT MY PROBLEM! If you KNOW you need help, and you refuse to get it then what happens to you is all your fault and no one else's!!!!!!!! Fact of the matter is my sister in law is one of those that whine's, gripes, bitches, moans and groans but is too lazy to do anything for herself! she lockes herself in her bedroom all the time, and only comes around family when it's conveinent for her! Now mind you I offered to help her.... I told her I couldn't help her if she didn't talk to me..But she just "shuts down" and doesn't.... What really get's me is that she KNEW he was leaving and she had plenty of time to get used to the idea and get over it!!!!!!! So she starts running her 400lb fat fucking mouth telling me that I'm a horrible mother and I care more about my boyfriends and shit than I do my own kids and I'm a whore and everything else... I admit fully to everyone now more than ever that I have fucked up!!!! I admit that! But unlike Kim I am getting help for my issues! I am on my medication *unlike her* and going to therapy and to see a Dr. Why ? Because I fucked up a lot in my life but more so with my husband and my children and I want more than anything for that to be better than it ever was or could be!!!! And I am working hard for that!!!! So yea, the old me may have been a horrible person, but I am working everyday to become a better one! What can she say for herself ? She let's her daughter dress like a whore ( No offense to my niece I love her), Rick thinks that she's pimping her out.....LOL...She refuses to get Jasmine on medication or into therapy ... She talks about me..... Then she tries to tell me that I have tried to dump Shelby off on her and shit... Fact of the matter is when we're not medication and Shelby needs an adjustment I have asked Kim to take her from time to time because I can't handle her .....But Shelby has gotten to the point where she doesn't want to go to Aunt Kimmies house because it smell's like cat piss, and it's dirty! Kim has a lot of issues.. She's fucking sick and I'm going to be sad at the day when my inlaws die, but laugh @ her when her personal ATM is gone and she can no longer drain her bank account!!!! And what Kim fails to realize is that my mother in law is her dedicated payee.. SSI and Disability have stated (I saw with my own eyes) that she cannot handle her own money because of her mental issues.. When my mother in law is gone and dies, her money and management will be left up to another family member or a state agency will take over..... It has to be someone she can trust ... She doesn't have many people...She's just a lonely soul.. Everytime she has a BF they leave her for someone else or they go back to their wives or some shit.... It's quite funny.....
 She plays herself off to be QUEEN FUCKING BEE.. When all she really is ... Is just a lonely, sad fat ass bitch who's going to lose more than just her family..... I told her I'm done... She's no longer welcome to come to the hospital to see my son when he's born and she is to stay away from my kids....... I won't be on for awhile after Monday.... We are losing our internet and phone until Feb 1st.... Anyway I'm done with her fat ass and her fucking drama! I have reall issues to worry about and deal with.. Not just "Oh boo hoo.. Feel sorry for me because I had a man leave me again"........ Fact of the matter is if she wasn't so ugly, fat, and treated them so poorly she might still have a man...LMMFAO......


  1. If she does have one of her "great" friends take over as her payee whatever money she get's will NOT be spent on bills or anything like that ... It will either be taken for there personal use or to buy pot and cigs ... And as far as my parents go, there not in the best of health and when they die Kimmie & Jasmine beleive that Jasmine is going to get there house as her own . Big problem with that is # 1, There is no way Kimmie or Jasmine can afford to pay $3,000 a year in property tax, Then another $1,800 school tax then there is the water sewage bill that runs about $200 a month and lights & gas, Not to mention the fact the house is legally condemed by the city as unlivable ... And if all that isn't enough there is also the fact that WE will be tying the will up in court as it's not fair that our kids are being left out of it ... Personally I couldn't care less about that house IT'S JUST WOOD and GLASS ! But our kids are going to get there share of what it is worth before Kimmie and Jasmine move in ...

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